HILLARY CLINTON was seen (and photographed) eating a hot dog and ice cream drumstick during this election season but a wag has also suggested that Hillary and Obama have a hot dog eating contest, rather than a bowl off...

JOHN MCCAIN, the Republican Senator from Arizona, had his moment of hot dog fame when he cinched the nomination and was invited to The White House for a hot dog lunch with the current President Bush but there's at least one other photo of him having a hot dog on the campaign trail and then there's the recent whistle stop at Hot Dog Heaven in Irmo, SC.

RUDY GIULIANI, ex-New York City Mayor (AKA America's Mayor) is also called the hot dog mayor (for obvious reasons) and there's a recent photo of him having a hot dog and another of him eating a slice of pizza.

BILL RICHARDSON, the Democrat Governor of New Mexico, super delegate and party stalwart was recently caught having a hot dog by a camera man who was at exactly the right place at exactly the right time...

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, New York City's current Mayor (who also owns Bloomberg News), was recently photographed at the Coney Island 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest and having a hot dog on the streets of Gotham, with much of the Trump family looking on (The Donald doesn't "do lunch")...

JOHN KERRY is married to the Heinz catsup heiress but it's hard to imagine him having a hot dog. As one reporter put it "And that's the problem with John Kerry: it's not that he's rich, but that he's rich in a very un-American way. His swank has a European air about it. When he eats a hot dog, it appears as foreign to him as it did to George VI even though his regal lifestyle is funded by the enduring popularity of his wife's hot dog condiment".

JOHN EDWARD'S wife Elizabeth told a heartwarming personal anecdote at the Democratic convention about how every anniversary she and her husband celebrate at Wendy's, because on their wedding night it was the only restaurant they could afford to eat at. She pointed to the picture of the bowl of chili above the clerk's head: "What's that?" she asked. It was a photo op only and they later ordered 19 five-star lunches from the local Yacht Club...

RALPH NADER, past Presidential hopeful, etc was quoted as saying "They are among America's deadliest missiles..."

WALTER MONDALE probably lays claim to the most recognized fast food quotation when he asked George H W Bush "Where's the beef?".


And over the years, a number of comedians have mounted runs at the nation's highest elected office including Pat Paulsen and Jay Leno, who claims to have the hot dog vote cornered, garnering a higher approval rating than any of the actual candidates. See Link 5 (below).
Somewhere in here, we should also mention Queen Elizabeth II served hot dogs at a royal banquet held for the American Bar Association.

Besides the photo of Khrushchev having his famous hot dog in 1959, there's also a photo of Cuba's Fidel Castro having a hot dog which appears to have been shot around the mid 50's, when he visited New York before he went commie on us. Years later, Soviet leader Boris Yeltsin followed the trail first blazed by Khrushchev and was whisked across the United States, savoring his first hot dog in 1992.

And we recently discovered a photo of Latin American revolutionary and rabble rouser Ernesto "Che" Guevara chowing down on a wiener.

Then there are the Photo Shopped pix of Fidel Castro, Ayatollah Khamenei & North Korea's Kim Jong Il competing in a hot dog eating contest.

And there's another Photo Shopped photo on the web showing John Edwards and Mitt Romney at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest (Romney's son Tagg stopped by a weenie stand during his run at the Presidency this winter).


Left: Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan have a hot dog.

Veep nominee former Hot Dogger: