"GEORGE W BUSH slipped a piece of cheese into his mouth. "Let's order first." He took a quick glance at the day's menu prepared for him and his guest, saw nothing on it he cared for, and announced to the steward, "I'll have a hot dog. Low fat hot dog." His hot dog arrived. Bush ate rapidly, with a sort of voracious disinterest. He was a man who required comfort and routine. Food, for him, was fuel and familiarity. It was not a thing to reflect on." (Footnote 6)

Then there's the recent hot dog lunch at The White House with Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. The amusing aspect of this event was Steven Colbert's plea that it should have been him instead, as it is his life long dream to have a hot dog with the President. See Link 3 (below).

And France's new President, Nicolas Sarkozy and family had a hot dog with the Bush family (reported above).

Finally, there's the free online video game where President George W Bush finds himself running a hot dog stand when his term expires. See Link 4 (below).

BARACK OBAMA claims his favorite food is a Chicago-style hot dog with a diet Fresca but he's also been spotted at a local fish fry, having a corn dog in Iowa, serving up burgers in Indiana, having a hot dog with Senator Bob Casey in Altoona, Pa and then there's the now famous cheesesteak incident, also in Pennsylvania. Someone is also auctioning off his uneaten waffle on EBAY. Is it just me or is this guy an over-achiever?

Mr. Vice President Hot Dog Guy (Joe Biden serves hot dogs to returning troops on the Steven Colbert Show)